Information on request for return
Instructions for return

Right to return

You have the right to request the return of purchased goods if the selected size is not suitable for your requirements, no later than 14 days.

You may request a return no later than 14 days from the day in which you or a third party other than the carrier and designated by yourself, comes into the physical possession of goods.

To exercise your right to return, you are required to inform Emerald S.r.l., Tax Identification Number/ VAT number 02936280540, registered offices in 06126 Perugia, via Romana 17-19, of your decision to withdraw from this contract in an explicit statement. The form can also be completed and sent online, as well as any other explicit statement, on our website
Should you choose the latter option we shall promptly send you confirmation of reception of the request for return in a durable medium (for example email).

In order to comply with terms for returns no later than the deadline of the return period you must submit the return request and send the item to be returned intact and perfectly conserved, to Emerald S.r.l., via Romana 17-19, 06126 Perugia Therefore withdrawal shall be refused if items are missing marks, official labels, labels and original sales packaging, or if they have been worn, washed, ironed or in any way changed, altered, used or damaged.
Compliance with terms means that you must send items no later than the specified deadline of 14 days.

Effects of Return

Upon receiving a valid request for return, Emerald shall deliver the item to the Customer in the size indicated on the return form. In the event that an item is not available in the size indicated by the Customer on the return form, Emerald shall notify the Customer and indicate available alternatives.

You shall bear all direct costs for the return of goods.

You shall be held liable for the reduction of the value of goods due to the handling of goods in a manner other than the one required to establish the nature, characteristics and operation of goods.

Return Form

(only ll in and return this form is you wish to return a purchased product)

Emerald S.r.l., Tax identi cation Number/VAT Number 02936280540, Via Romana 17-19, 06126 Perugia

The undersigned,


having purchased the following item from Emerald

to return the purchased item and its replacement in size

accept terms