Non-correspondence of size.
Different from withdrawal:
a) does not derive from Customer’s change of mind;
b) Customer was pleased with items received but requires a different size;
c) does not involve refund but replacement, unless the items submitted for replacement are not available, in which case Emerald shall notify the Customer who may then request a refund.


  1. The Customer receives the item, checks correspondence with expectations and is satisfied, then tries it on and it is the wrong size.
  2. If the item is complete with marks, official labels and original packaging and it has not been used or altered, the Customer may proceed with its return.
  3. Within 14 working days from delivery, the Customer may go on the Solasié site and activate the return procedure.
  4. On the site they will find a link to the “return form” where they must provide general information, order date and reference, delivery date (if Emerald does not have proof of delivery the Customer shall be required to attach proof) and above all indicate desired size.
  5. In any case the Customer must resend the item at their own expense no later than 14 working days from received delivery.
  6. Upon reception of the return form, Emerald shall transmit reception confirmation to the Customer.
  7. Upon receiving the returned items and checking that they are intact and sound, Emerald has 14 working days to send the item in the desired size to the Customer.

Possible Glitches:

A) If returned items are not intact, Emerald shall notify the Customer that request for return has been refused and therefore items shall be reshipped to the Customer at the latter’s expense.
B) If the Customer has send the form but fails to ship items within 14 days, Emerald reserves the right to rend items to the Customer at the latter’s expense.
C) If the item to be replaced is not available, Emerald shall notify the Customer and may refund the purchase price.

Customer’s Obligations.

Upon delivery ensures the item is not altered or has not been used, other than to try it on.

If the size does not fit well:

  1. activate the return procedure by clicking on the link, fill in form and send it, NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS FROM DELIVERY OF PURCHASED ITEM.
  2. Ship the item intact, in original packaging, NO LATER THAN 14 DAYS FROM DELIVERY OF PURCHASED ITEM

Emerald’s Obligations.

1. Notify of reception of return form.

If the item has been shipped within 14 days and is intact:
2. Within 14 days of item return: Shipment of new item.

If the item is NOT intact or if it has been shipped after 14 days:
2. Emerald notifies the Customer and reships the item at the expense of the latter.

If the item requested for replacement is not available:
2. Emerald notifies the Customer and proposes solutions, including a price refund.